19 yo Jayden taking very nice facial load

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  • Two things happen a lot here today during the shoot with 19 year old U of A coed Jayden: one, she orgasms A LOT. Quite possibly one of the most orgasmic girls of all time. Her pussy quivers and creams up all throughout the video. Second, she looks into the cameras A LOT because she is a blatant attention whore and makes damn sure you watch her fuck and cum at all times. At. All. Times. I kid you not, it's like her mission to keep looking into at least one of the cameras all the time. Nobody had to tell her that, either, that's just how she rolls. In fact I think Jayden got off so much partially BECAUSE she knows you are watching and getting off to her movie. Jayden is full or surprises. For example, the interview portion is pretty long because she keeps telling us her super hot little college sex stories, things you didn't expect from her. Sex with girls, losing her virginity, sex at parties... Hot stuff. We quickly realize that Jayden is more mature and experienced than her peers, which is both good and bad: She seems to think she knows everything and she has her sexual preferences set. Or so she thinks. She likes "ass play" (her words) when she masturbates at home by herself, but won't allow anyone or anything else to come close to that area. Ever. (Jay doesn't listen and rubs her asshole anyway later while he fucks her, and sure enough, the girl cums again. Good man!). What's good about it though is: She's a sex maniac. It takes all of about two minutes to get Jayden off, just by rubbing her pussy. Watching this 19 year old shake and quiver is a sight to behold. This all seemed too easy so Jay wants to see if she can cum again with a vibrator on her clit, and fingers in her snatch. Once again, Jayden orgasms, and this time even harder. Then she gets to ride the Sybian, which in her case is kinda pointless because she cums so easily anyway. But okay, let's see what happens when the infamous orgasm machine does its magic on her. After that, Jay has Jayden continue sitting on the Sybian while he gets his dick sucked by her. And holy cow, the girl gets down to business here. She's one enthusiastic cock sucker with sloppy wet sucking action, and she even survives some deepthroating. Fighting hard to hold back cumming early, Jay tells Jayden to bend over the high chair. He fucks her from behind and Jayden's pussy just creams up like crazy as she cums again and again. And so it goes all throughout doggy, missionary, and when Jayden gets on top. She pretty much always looks at you when she cums, and there's lots of picture-in-picture so you don't miss any of the pussy-creaming action either. The cum facial is where the fun stops for Jayden. You'll see her involuntarily jerk her head back when the first of many jizz loads covers her face. Her face is covered in semen to the point where she can't open her eyes. Jay cums so much, stuff not only gets into her hair (horror!) but even her ear. Her EAR! She proves it too by scooping out the cum in the bathroom. At that point she displays a decidedly pissed off demeanor that borders on scolding. Other than that this whole experience was clearly as pleasurable for Jayden as it was for our stud. Personally I would have liked it if she DIDN'T look into the cameras that much. Because when girls do that too much I normally would think they put on a show and fake their orgasms - but in Jayden's case the orgasms were clearly real (a girl can't fake her pussy cum LOL). So I'll let it slide. This is a great shoot with an enthusiastic 19 year old who will make her future boyfriends very happy.
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